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It can be hard getting through the day when a lot of it is gray and stressful. And we can’t always control all the triggers around us that make us anxious or sad, but we can add new habits to

Living in Lebanon means living within chaos. We deal with chaos on so many levels, from the deteriorating living conditions to the institutionalized chaos we’re used to, and so much more in between. We’ve had to adapt to this crazy

It’s natural for us humans to think of the New Year as a fresh beginning, and that usually comes with the motivation to start doing some things differently. That can mean starting to work out or eat better, making space

The Omicron Variant Fans of The Simpsons claim that the animation foresaw the coronavirus pandemic in 1993, with the episode Marge in Chains, which depicts the Osaka Flu conquering Springfield. Following in this vein, viewers feel that the cartoon world was

Taking care of oneself should always be one of our top concerns. You must prioritize yourself and care for your mind, body, and spirit no matter how busy you are or how chaotic life becomes.  Self, mind, and body care does is

The holiday season is invariably stressful, and usually comes with its own special brand of anxieties. And seeing as we’re smack-dab in the middle of the worst collapse we’ve ever faced, this holiday season is like anxiety on steroids.  Holidays in

When Christmas arrives, tens of charities, non-profit organizations, as well as individuals and families, reach out to people in need to help them achieve their Christmas wishes and essential needs. As Christmas approaches in 2021, many families will want assistance. A

There is nothing normal about this holiday season. 2021 has been rough for us Lebanese, and it doesn’t seem to be softening up anytime soon. Prices keep going up, gifts are exorbitantly priced, food too, meds are hard to find,

Holidays can be hard on a good year, but with everything we’re dealing with in Lebanon, this year’s festive season is a rough one. We’re worried about money, Omicron, finding meds, and keeping a smile on our face through it