As brands seek to stake a claim in the metaverse, marketers must know the risks and lingering issues associated with the emerging space. Issues of safety and inclusivity cannot be overlooked. To help marketers and developers better understand the risks associated

Facebook parent company Meta Platforms, Inc. (FB) announced on Monday, April 25, that it is opening its first physical retail store to sell metaverse-related products, such as virtual- and augmented-reality devices, as it extends its foray into the virtual world.1 In the store, which

Wait, is Fat Joe really going to run a marathon? Like, an actual marathon? “I have an avatar in there,” Joe tells HollywoodLife when discussing his role in the Degree Metathon, the world’s first marathon in the Metaverse. The Apr. 26 event, taking place at 6 pm EDT

Web3 and the metaverse are here to stay. To prepare for safe metaverse participation, though, internet users need to begin assimilating into this new digital space, and obtaining a digital identity (ID) is one of the first steps. In fact,