A novel Covid-19 variant was reported to the World Health Organization on November 24, 2021. This new variation was reported in Botswana on November 11, 2021, and in South Africa on November 14, 2021. On November 26, 2021, WHO designated the

We have been seeing for the past month many people getting their third dose of COVID-19 vaccine, mainly in countries abroad, and the medical staff in Lebanon.  However, many citizens in Lebanon are now being encouraged to take their third dose

A highly contagious variant of the coronavirus, delta, is spreading rapidly in Lebanon and throughout the world, driving cases to increase in certain countries and forcing lockdowns in other nations. Why is it of concern? In May, the World Health Organization categorized

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way we carry out our daily lives since the start of 2020. With social distancing and remote working, a new normal has been set.  Nonetheless, restrictions are slowly being lifted in Lebanon as more

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely challenging and stressful for many of us, but while we were watching the news behind the screens, and staying safe in the comfortableness of our homes, frontline workers have been fearlessly fighting a battle

After the coronavirus has rapidly spread throughout all countries in all contents, our only hope to move back towards a normal life, without lockdowns and face masks, was the development of an effective vaccine.  It didn’t take long before the keen

This month, India experienced the world's sharpest increase in coronavirus infections, with hospital beds, oxygen, and medication almost depleted in the political and financial capitals of New Delhi and Mumbai. Scientists are looking into what caused the sudden increase, specifically whether

Monzer Hourani, a Lebanese-American engineer, and business executive was selected as one of the Engineering News Record's (ENR) Top 25 Newsmakers of the Year and received ENR's prestigious award, the Award of Excellence. Who is Monzer Hourani? Monzer Hourani was born in

The burden of the coronavirus pandemic on the Lebanese health sector is gradually being lifted as the country continues to receive numerous doses of various COVID-19 vaccines from abroad.  Recently, Lebanon was provided with 90,000 doses of the Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine, out of

Syria Donates Oxygen Supplies to Lebanon Following the surprising visit of the caretaker Lebanese Health Minister to Syria, the office of President Bashar Assad released a statement announcing a donation of 75 tons of oxygen to Lebanon for patients suffering from