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5 ideas to brighten up your day

5 ideas to brighten up your day

It can be hard getting through the day when a lot of it is gray and stressful. And we can’t always control all the triggers around us that make us anxious or sad, but we can add new habits to our day, ones that will shift our perception of things, slowly but surely. 

We’ve found these tips to be very helpful, so we’re sharing below some ways to drop some sunshine into your day. Take a look, try them out and see if your day feels just a little bit brighter!

1- Keep positive reminders around the house.

Whether that means displaying colors that make you happy, having post-its around with motivational messages, or magnets on a fridge with your mantra pinned, find the things that remind you to look at the silver lining and find hope in every moment.

2- Give yourself a genuine compliment.

We as humans tend to be extra critical of ourselves, so much so that we forget to look at the things we love about ourselves. Find something you sincerely admire about yourself and say it. Yes, out loud.

3- Make your environment helpful.

A cluttered, chaotic environment leads to feelings of agitation, restlessness and stress, while a neat, clear space offers calm and tranquility as a background to your day. So try to model the environments in which you spend the most time to fit your needs and inspire you to be relaxed.

4- Give yourself time.

Often we feel like we “could” be doing things better or faster, but the reality of it is: the task will take the time it takes, and might even take less time if you’re relaxed. So accept that you can go slow and still achieve all your goals for the day!

5- Consume positive content.

It’s easy to get lost in the countless horrors taking place every day in the world. But there are just as many amazing, heartwarming and inspiring things happening simultaneously! We can tailor our media sources to bring us happy news, so search for pages that bring you joy and hope and add them to your list to follow!

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