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Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Abdullah al-Saeei was released with bail set at LBP 200,000.

The decision was made to release Abdullah al-Saeei on bail of LBP 200,000.

The verdict given by Amani Salameh, the investigating judge in the Bekaa, has not been made public, although al-Saeei is now being held at the Zahle judicial detachment awaiting release. He is allowed to keep the deposit he recovered.

On December 18, 2021, Al-Saeei entered a BBAC branch in Jeb-Jennine and managed to withdraw his $50,000 deposit after threatening to set fire to the bank.

  1. ABC mall fires saleswoman for wearing veil.

ABC Ashrafieh banned the appearance of a veiled saleswoman within the mall, marking a new step in professional discrimination against women.

Full House Home Appliances withdrew from ABC today after the mall’s management demanded that one of the company’s employees be replaced because she was wearing a hijab.

ABC stated that the mall is a non-sectarian institution that respects all religions, but that its internal policy bans any public religious displays, symbols, and accessories among staff and salesmen.

  1. BDL governor, Riad Salameh, squanders 500 million dollars in 1 month.

The BDL’s foreign currency reserves fell by over half a billion dollars in January, as the BDL began implementing Circular 161 to induce an exchange rate fall.

In an effort to absorb the bulk of Lebanese pounds on circulation and control the dollar exchange rate in the parallel market, the BDL continues to inject dollars into the markets by selling them at the platform exchange rate through banks.

However, a strategy that wastes all of these money is unsustainable, and the exchange rate will increase once the BDL is no longer able to act in this manner.

  1. Two new charge cases against the harasser Marwan Habib in Miami. 

Two additional sexual assault charges were added during rapist Marwan Habib’s hearing on Thursday in Miami, according to Sheldon Fox of WSVN 7 News.

On January 6, Miami police arrested Habib after he broke into a hotel room and harassed a tourist. He admitted to burglary and assaulting the tourist. However, following Habib’s arrest, the Miami Police Department received several reports of harassment and sexual assault against him.

Habib has dodged justice in Lebanon since 2019, despite the fact that more than 100 survivors have testified to his crimes. On January 11, the public prosecutor’s office published a statement excusing its refusal to arrest Habib by claiming that “the Code of Criminal Procedure precludes pretrial custody for offenses of sexual harassment.”

  1. President Michel Aoun states his skepticism by saying, “whoever brought us to were we are today, can’t be responsible for correcting matters…”

The President of the Republic revealed today that the planned financial plans will make depositors pay the largest price for the economic crisis since “the weight of others’ faults” will be imposed on them, something he categorically opposes.

Aoun underlined his commitment to a forensic audit while rejecting any role in the prior step that led to the collapse while meeting with a delegation from the newly elected council of notary publics at Baabda Palace.

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