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The NFT Art Of 13 Years Old Artist Is Now Nearly Worth $3.5 Million

The NFT Art Of 13 Years Old Artist Is Now Nearly Worth $3.5 Million

A 13-year-old artist, Nyla Hayes, has sold almost $3.5 million in NFTs and has made history as she became TIME’s first Artist-in-Residence.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are “digital” assets that can’t be replicated and are confirmed and held with a certificate of validity. They can include, among other things, digital artwork, internet names, and music. The NFT market alone generated over $10 billion in transaction volume in the third quarter of 2021.

The Story of Nyla 

Nyla Hayes began sketching from when she was four years old. Her parents bought her a smartphone when she was nine years old so she could start practice doing her digital art. 

She began painting figures with long necks, dubbed Long Neckies, inspired by her favorite dinosaur, the Brontosaurus. Her uncle encouraged her to sell her work as NFTs, which transformed her life forever.

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After being introduced to the concept of NFTs, determined Nyla learnt how they were created, operated, and marketed on YouTube. Shortly after, her NFT collection “Long Neckies” raised over 960 ETH. 

Inspiring future ahead of the aspiring teen 

While announcing that she was the first of the Artist-in-Home campaign, Keith A. Grossman, President of Time, named her and her collection an absolute inspiration to others in the NFT realm. He went on to say that Nyla has established herself as a role model for the next generation of young artists.

As the first Artist-in-Residence for TIMEPieces, TIME’s new web3 community effort, Nyla is making history. Through the selling of NFTs, the new project intends to offer artists a platform and the tools they need to further their careers.

“These Artist-in-Residence collections will continue to enable TIME to introduce art to the blockchain that combines the artist’s personal style with a well-known TIME franchise.” This builds on TIME’s almost 100-year heritage of honoring great artists and photographers of the time while propelling the brand into new and imaginative locations. In this scenario, NFTs and Web3,” revealed the magazine.

Nyla will be able to distribute her art to a community of NFT collectors, build a long-term relationship with them as part of the TIMEPieces initiative, engage with other leading figures in the NFT and traditional art spaces, and expand into new markets.

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