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Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Dollar reaches an all-time high of 30,000 LBP

The US dollar exchange rate on the parallel market topped LBP 30,000 for the first time, representing a 32 percent increase in the currency’s value in a month.

This is despite the BDL governor’s circulars, which hinted at an attempt to address the currency situation but merely added to the banks’ perplexity.

All anticipation of a favorable influence from the Christmas season and an infusion of dollars into the market as a consequence of expats’ returns home were dashed by the quick decline of the lira’s value compared to the same period in December.

  1. 17 months since Beirut port explosions, and families of victims demand the law to be implemented.

During a sit-in in front of the immigrant statue near the Beirut port on Tuesday, families of the port explosion victims chanted “Implement the law” to mark the one-year anniversary of the tragedy.

The families inquired about MP Ali Hassan Khalil, who is now on the run but appeared on television last Monday when his parliamentary immunity was withdrawn.

  1. No reason left not to execute the arrest warrant against Ali Hassan Khalil, as all MPs lost their immunity.  

With the end of the second regular Parliament session and the start of the new year, all MPs have lost their immunity, and there is no justification for not carrying out the arrest order against MP Ali Hassan Khalil in the port explosion case.

Although the Parliament Law states that Khalil can be detained since the warrant was issued on October 12 –– before the regular session began –– both the Public Prosecution Office and ISF Director-General Major General Imad Osman cited the regular Parliament session as an excuse not to execute the warrant.

  1. Domestic worker gets abused in public and no immediate action seems to take place. 

In the Metn village of Jouret el Ballout, a man is seen dragging a domestic servant through the streets while violently beating her, according to a video circulating on Twitter.

In reaction to the awful events, the local “mokhtar” posted a Facebook status claiming that the domestic helper had “ran away” the night before, along with a slew of other justifications for why the assault occurred. He also spoke out against Jouret el Ballout’s image being “tainted.” But nothing against the wrongful actions of the abuser. 

  1. Lebanese authorities seal 9 institutions that were not abiding by the set COVID-19 health measures. 

According to a statement made by the Ministry of Tourist, the tourism police department recently issued 18 arrest warrants against multiple institutes during the last two days and sealed 9 of them.

The ministry emphasized that any institution that does not follow the Lebanese authorities’ coronavirus health safeguards and procedures would have its visitors evacuated and doors shut.

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