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Oumniati Launches its Christmas Donation Campaign to Help More Than 300 Families in Lebanon

Oumniati Launches its Christmas Donation Campaign to Help More Than 300 Families in Lebanon

When Christmas arrives, tens of charities, non-profit organizations, as well as individuals and families, reach out to people in need to help them achieve their Christmas wishes and essential needs.

As Christmas approaches in 2021, many families will want assistance. A generous helping hand to bring them the essential food, toys, presents, and sheer delight. 

This is extremely important during these dark times passing on all of us, caused by the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic and Lebanon’s deepening economic crisis, which has put many on the verge of poverty.

This 2021 Christmas, Oumniati NGO launched its Christmas donation campaign to make the holidays warmer and brighter for hundreds of families in need.

The NGO shared on their social media platforms the launch of their Christmas donation campaign, further explaining the myriad of ways people’s donations would help. 

With the goal to help more than 300 families in need, Oumniati aims on providing food assistance packages that will cover every family’s basic food needs for over a month.

The NGO will also be hosting a “Christmas Event” to distribute subsistence and draw a smile on the faces of children as they share Christmas gifts with them.

Determined to make this holiday joyful for every family despite the dire situation, Oumniati has also collaborated with “Totters Fresh”, to give every one of us a chance to feed a hungry person this Christmas for only 25,000 LBP. 

With this unique collab, you are now one click away from helping the NGO in beating hunger. 

This holiday, each one of us, has the chance to fight hunger and spread the joy of Christmas for hundreds of families in Lebanon.For donations, you can now contact the NGO on 03 322 225, or transfer money to their bank account LB59005600000000004580000005.

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