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What’s Good Lebanon Socking Clumsy: Shopping Funky Socks for a Cause

What’s Good Lebanon : Socking Clumsy Shopping Socks For A Cause

Socking clumsy is an online shopping shop with a unique concept: selling funky socks to raise awareness about a rare genetic condition Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT). 

How did Socking Clumsy start?

The concept was inspired by the story of the creator of the “Socking Clumsy”, Charbel Gemayel, who was diagnosed after tireless years with CMT after experiencing symptoms of numbness in legs, imbalance, and clumsiness. 

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So, one day, in the midst of persistent terrible daily pain in the legs, instability and clumsy walks, not to mention restless nights and odd cool to hot feelings, he devised the Socking Clumsy idea. Wanting to add color to his sickness and make people’s feet joyful, as feet are the cause of his symptoms. 

What is CMT? 

CMT is a disease of the peripheral nerves that control the muscles. Found in both genders and in all races and ethnic groups, it is the most inherited peripheral neuropathy, affecting 2.8 million people worldwide.

Common symptoms of CMT

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) symptoms vary from person to person. It differs according to the kind of CMT. The symptoms worsen steadily over time. As a result, symptoms in young children with CMT may be difficult to detect.

Collection of socks 

By shopping their funky socks, you will also be supporting communities suffering from CMT, as part of the revenue goes to helping patients with CMT find the medical support and the right guidance and hope for building a CMT diagnosis center.

The shop has a wide variety of collections, be it stripes, quotes, flavors, or even plain socks if you like! 

So, “What if life socks sometimes? Well, you will have just to bounce back on your feet!”


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