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Arabian Gulf Punks

Arabian Gulf Punks

What are NFTs? 

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens that can stand for anything digital, such as music, art, drawings, or even your brain but downloaded and turned into artificial intelligence, and cryptopunks are one of the first NFTs of the Ethereum blockchains, released back in June 2017. “Non-fungible” means that it is unique and cannot be replaced with something else, such as bitcoins, where you trade one for another. Bitcoin represents value, while NFTs are literally a unique digital asset that represents ownership to a virtual item such as a video, image, or a piece of text shared or used in an online space.

Big brands such as Marvel have already launched their own NFTs, which lead Marvel fans to invest and collect those NFTs, placing this digital asset at the interest of collectors and not exclusively to crypto enthusiasts.

NFTs are 10,000 small pixel art portraits of people, aliens, zombies, apes, or anything. Each one is algorithmically generated and features different attributes such as the hairstyle, hat, or glasses. Some traits of these cryptopunks are rare which tends to make them more valuable than others.

What are Khaliji NFT punks? 

Khaliji NFT punks are a series of cryptopunks that has already launched and a leading Arab mobile application game is expected to launch in February 2022!

This collection of cryptopunks is inspired by the traditional style of Middle Eastern in general, and the Khaliji culture specifically. The NFTs represent 25 different game characters with superpowers that will be used to finish a game of 50 levels, and the set launching date of these characters is February 2022, but guess what?

You can start buying, and investing in these characters now on Opensea, which is the largest NFT market place, by just pressing on the link below, and picking your favorite character !

What makes these characters really unique, interesting, and worth investing in are the superpowers they hold, where each character has a specific upgraded superpower that you will need for your next level of the game !

To know more about the punks, and check the whole character range, check their website is needed for the next level of the game.

Here are a few characters of the Khaliji NFTs :

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