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Men 3enna men Aandket

Men 3enna men Aandket

We’re all about local tourism, and we love discovering little villages and the treasures they hold. This is why this week, we’re travelling to Aandket, a picturesque village in Akkar, in the North region of Lebanon, some 140 kilometers from Beirut.

Picture from Lebanon Traveler

So what’s special about this place? Read on and tell us what you think.

First and foremost, there are beautiful old houses up there. Walk through the narrow streets of Aandket, along its houses built from volcanic stones dating from the earliest geological times when the space was home to several volcanoes.

You can make your way to the small church of Saint Challita, already mentioned in documents dating back from the 16th century. You’ll pass by the old French military barracks where Charles de Gaulle, still a lieutenant, stayed for some time during his mandate. 

In the area, you can enjoy an unusual panorama: a gorgeous plain that doubles as a natural wall separating Lebanon from Syria. Another oddity: from the Roman ruins at the top of this mountain, you can see, in good weather, Lake Homs all the way in Syria!

In Aandket, you’ll also find four ancient water mills dating back to before the 19th Century. Another local gem is the nearby silk factory, which was built in 1898 by Youssef Rahmeh Al Bcharrani.

So let us know next time you go to Aandket, and tag us in your pics!

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