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Parliamentary Session Decisions on 2022 Elections

Parliamentary Session Decisions on 2022 Elections

This Tuesday, on the 19th of October, the parliamentary session announced that the Lebanese diaspora will have the right to vote for 128 Parliamentary members instead of 6 members as written in article 22

The article drew very heavy criticism from activists especially the last couple of years, arguing that this decision limits the voting power of those who are living abroad, and this is not fair especially that up to 300,000 people (if not more) have left the country in the last two years due to the crises that Lebanon is suffering from. So, activists demanded that the article to be amended, and allow the Lebanese living abroad to vote for all parliamentary members rather than only 6.

The Lebanese diaspora, who want to participate in the coming elections, and have already registered online, knowing that the registration deadline was in November 20th

This parliamentary session also voted on holding exceptionally the elections on March 27 where previously, they used to happen in mid-May.

The parliament session rejected implementing a women’s quota, which is a law developed by the United Nations Development Program and Fiftyfifty organization. This law was put to get more women participate in power positions.

Picture by Middle East Institute

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