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Sharing It on World Mental Health Day!

Sharing It on World Mental Health Day!

With busy schedules, electricity cuts, the daunting government, never-ending diesel lines, the economic situation, and the whole apocalyptical situation in Lebanon it is so easy to go through the day with a blur and end it with a “what the hell is going on?”

Have you ever had one of those days? Well, if you live in Lebanon, you definitely have!

You get into bed, and it just hits you where you do not remember how, when, or where you did everything because the day was just moving so quickly, and you were running behind it to get through it. 

If you’re not moving so quickly, then you might be in the avoidance mode, trying to keep yourself busy or just doing things for others so you don’t sit down with your feelings and thoughts, instead decide to overwork them, drink them, or smoke them away.

If you are not feeling okay lately, it is okay, we all don’t! There are plenty of good reasons to feel whatever you are experiencing, and the best thing you can do is figuring out why, and what you can do about it, and if you cannot figure that out, it is always okay to reach out for help.

Here is a list of NGOs that offer mental health services in Beirut for free or at affordable prices: 


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Dedicated to Mental Health in Lebanon through raising awareness and providing direct community support.

2-Relief International

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Delivering solutions for people living in unstable, and fragile settings. They help life-threatening incidents that result in mental traumas, physical traumas, and security issues.


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Committed to raising awareness, providing treatment, and implementing community interventions in the field of mental health in Lebanon and the Arab World. 


Offering supportive counseling to people that attended their treatment programs and are looking for continued care, and offering them continuous help to deal with day-to-day issues especially in the current economic stress, and country’s instability that can affect one’s sobriety. 

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