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5 ways to make your day easier

5 ways to make your day easier

5 ways to make your life in Lebanon easier:

1- Introduce carpooling.

With the fuel crisis having no end in sight, we must amend our driving habits to the situation. Do you have a trip planned? Let your friends know in case they need a ride on your way. Or let your neighbors know what times you go to work every day, maybe they can share the fuel cost and hitch a ride. 

2- Buy in bulk and divide between friends.

Found a good deal on something? Share the news! Buying in bulk will save money and the more people buy in, the cheaper it is for all.

3- Share electricity schedule with friends.

Do you know what times you’ll have electricity at home? Let your friends know, you might offer them a place to get work done without having to pay huge amounts for coffee and wifi.

4- Check on friends who have been silent lately.

There’s always someone struggling behind closed doors. Check on those you haven’t heard from in a while, they might need a friend!

5- Talk talk talk.

There’s nothing more helpful than talking about our struggles. Share your thoughts and feelings, and provide a safe space for others to do so. You will all benefit from a strong support network.

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