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Support Local: IMPACT Lebanon

Support Local: IMPACT Lebanon

It’s not like Lebanon ever survived without NGOs and civic/civil organizations picking up the duties the government dropped. At this point it’s a part of our social infrastructure, as a sad but necessary replacement for an actual governing body helping people live well. But today, more than ever, the Lebanese need every kind of help possible. Things are bad, we are not OK and we simply need all the help we can get.

Fortunately for us, there are many organizations out there that are dedicated to help the Lebanese, and it’s heartwarming to see so many people getting together to dedicate their time and energy to help those who need it in Lebanon. 

This brings us to this week’s Support Local feature: IMPACT Lebanon, a long-standing, trustworthy NGO that brings together the Lebanese diaspora and organizes ways in which it can help its homeland.

At its roots, Impact Lebanon was set up to make activism and volunteering accessible, relevant and sustainable for the Lebanese diaspora. They saw the need for a risk-free and impact-focused environment that invites people to tap into their creative and entrepreneurial abilities to help our country and community. 

Impact Lebanon stands out as an NGO because they are not only focused on gathering finds for disaster relief or to provide basic needs (which they do). They go a step further by connecting Lebanese minds abroad, allowing them to share their knowledge, resources and expertise, and build strong teams to turn ideas into efficient, successful initiatives.

So, a steadily growing team (they’re at 150+ as of this writing!), made up of driven people brought together by their passion for Lebanon and the Lebanese community, have now made incredible strides in helping the Lebanese on many fronts. With 17 live initiatives, 21 completed initiatives, and a whole lot of projects up their sleeves, it’s safe to say this organization has had and is having a huge, pardon the pun, impact on Lebanon.Honestly, this is one of those NGOs that we can’t help but support, as we feel they have such a beautiful vision for Lebanon, and their commitment and dedication brings us hope. If you agree, check out their website to see how you can help, whether it’s by volunteering or donating funds. Also, tell your friends abroad about this awesome team!

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