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Support Local :BAM by L’Agenda Culturel

BAM by L’Agenda Culturel

We love this difficult but beautiful country of ours, and we’re all about promoting and engaging in local tourism. And as it turns out, the game just got upped a notch or three. 

One of Lebanon’s long-standing cultural magazines is L’Agenda Culturel, the local reference for everything happening on the cultural scene in Lebanon.

And their awesome team had recently joined forces with the European Union in Lebanon for a project that is going to change local tourism from a personal effort to an easy adventure.

They have now revealed their project: new guides and interactive maps, funded by European Union in Lebanon, which bring to life Lebanon’s know-how and invite you to discover its traditional artisans and modern creative industries.

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These BAM maps are truly some of Lebanon’s essential maps, as they cover parts of Lebanon that we didn’t have access to before, not in any organized fashion anyway. These guides take you on a tour of Lebanon, its culture, history, traditions and tourism through different, easy-to-read interactive maps that anyone can download for free!

They have themed maps of local museums, wineries, guest houses, design, handicrafts, and souks, so there’s really something for everyone to discover through these cool maps. Each of them represent a facet of our Lebanese culture, which we honestly love.

So what’ll be the first map you download?

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