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Mika's heartfelt message My country is dying

Mika´s Heartfelt Message: My country is dying

The Lebanese British artist Mika expressed his disappointment and frustration in an opinion piece published in “Le Monde,” as a reaction to the Beirut explosion that occurred on August 4th, a blast that shocked Earth’s ionosphere.

Nine months following the traumatic explosion, mystery remains looming over those responsible, as they had prior knowledge of the tons of ammonium nitrate being stored at the port and willingly turned a blind eye.

Mika´s Message 

Mika expressed his shame in the country’s government, by stating that they turned a “paradise to ruin.”

He further looked back on the failed promise of PM Hassan Diab who assured the nation that those responsible for the blast will be held accountable, meanwhile nine months later Diab, “continues to manage daily affairs,while the judge in charge of the investigation has been challenged.”

“This parody of justice is like a second explosion, a second death for the victims and their families,” he mourned.

“My country is dying and its children find themselves held hostage, paralyzed by misfortune, stunned by disasters: the port, the coronavirus, and the economic crisis.”

“My country is dying, and the international community turns a blind eye,” the Lebanese Brit singer wrote.  

“I call on the Lebanese people, the political figures of the country, the lovers of Lebanon, the diaspora, the international community, and the humanitarian organizations to act in their place. Don’t let a country die. Don’t let predators win. It is urgent to change the political system, to form a new social contract. It is our responsibility, children of Lebanon who have grown up.”

Mika´s Support to the People of Beirut 

Heartbroken by the disastrous incident, the songwriter and artist publicly announced on his Instagram that he will be staging a live stream concert to raise money for the people of Beirut. 

He also added, “Beirut has been through so much and the resilience and strength of the Lebanese people is undeniable. It is the place of my birth, a part of me and will always be in my heart. I ❤Beirut”.

His live stream concert raised 1.7 million dollars for Beirut Blast victims.

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