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Weekly wrap-up

Weekly wrap-up

  1. Mental health disorder medication face market shortages 

The “Justice for mental health” organization has issued a warning of mental health medication crisis and the Ministry of health was held accountable.

  1. Judge Ghada Aoun’s fight against the Mecattaf Company for money transfers continues.

During the second attempt, the judge was not allowed to enter which led to breaching the gate and ultimately anti-riot movements.

  1. The Economy Minister approved the export of 2,500 tons of wheat from Lebanon to Turkey.

This comes at a time when the Economy Ministry has been regularly increasing the bread bundle’s price due to the increase in the cost of imported wheat. 

  1. Private Universities In Lebanon To Buy Pfizer In July

In an email sent by the presidents of the Lebanese American University and the American University of Beirut, it was revealed that the universities have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health that enables them to receive Pfizer vaccines.

  1. Lebanon Ranks #107 In World Press Freedom For 2021

Lebanon was ranked 101st in 2019, 102nd in 2020, and 107th this year. This comes after an especially volatile period in Lebanese press freedoms, during which many people have spoken out about what they see as unfair media censorship.

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