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Protestors Block the Roads All the Way from the North to the South of Lebanon

The ongoing collapse of the Lebanese currency, which has almost reached 11,000 LBP per 1 dollar, was the tipping point for the already frustrated Lebanese citizens. Yesterday, the people of Lebanon lost their sleep, haunted by the fear of not knowing how they can survive a crisis that does not seem to end. 

Today, they rose with resilience, and at 6 a.m. the roads in Lebanon were blocked all the way from its south to its north.

Protestors gathered in Beirut, and blocked all the roads leading to Martyrs Square, as well as the Bechara Al-Khoury road, the Ring Bridge, and Mazraat Yachouh.

North of the country, roads leading to Beirut have been obstructed by the gathered protestors, including in Zouk, Jal El-Dib, Dawra, and Byblos.

The roads from the South of Lebanon to the city are also closed, starting with the Jeyyeh highway, followed by the closure of the airport road, Khalde, Sour main road, and Saida, all blocked with burning tires.

Trucks and burning tires were also reported close to the Daher Al Baydar road, which halted cars from Baalbak and Zahle from transporting to Beirut.

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