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5 pandemic-friendly ways to stay healthy for free

The coronavirus has made us all change our habits and create new ones. Health habits particularly took a hit, as gyms closed and lockdowns made it hard to move around. But not all is lost! Here are ways to still get that health boost, free of charge:

Walking and/or running: it gets us outdoors, burns up that extra weight we’ve all put on, lowers our risk of heart disease, and improves our mood, all for 0.0$.

Bodyweight exercises: a way to utilize the extra weight we’ve gained is use it to lift! You don’t need a single piece of equipment to work up a sweat and get those muscles moving.

Intermittent fasting: eat all your meals in a certain “eating window” (2 to 8 hours) and eat nothing the rest of the time. Works like a charm and costs nothing.

Meditation: All you have to do is focus on your breath and follow it in and out. Free meditation apps like Calm and Headspace are a great tool too.

YouTube videos: there are more free classes on YouTube than you could ever take. Into yoga, boxing, Pilates or full-body workouts? Countless free classes await!

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