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3 top food trends in 2021

The food industry is always evolving, bringing us new products that cater to our changing needs. With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, immunity-boosting foods are taking center stage, and new products are appearing on shelves. Take a look at some of 2021’s upcoming food trends:

Gut health


Move over, probiotics. Studies are showing that post-biotics (end-product of the probiotic’s work) may have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits. We’ll be seeing them in supplement form or added to food products soon.

Homemade coffee

Home café:

Working from home means making your own coffee. We’re getting creative with creamers, and upcoming flavors like S’mores and Coffee Cake are set to delight us. We’ll also be seeing more accessories like frothers and French presses. 

Vegan protein

AI-created foods:

The future really is here. One company used AI to create a vegan protein identical to dairy protein. Other upcoming items are an egg alternative (yeah, just like a chicken’s but man-made), and a plant-based milk that froths and creams just like regular milk.

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