Dawrati: Ending Period Poverty…One Pad at a Time

Dawrati: Ending Period Poverty…One Pad at a Time

With 50% of women using newspapers, old rags, or toilet paper instead of period pads during their menstruation, period poverty is an important, yet often ignored, public health crisis. As the crisis continues to incline, empowering and inspiring women from “Dawarti” dedicated themselves to ending poverty, one pad at a time.

What is period poverty?

Period poverty refers to the lack of access to menstrual products, a proper bathroom, menstrual-related knowledge and education, and a safe space. 

Who is Dawrati?

Born to empower girls and women to live in dignity, “Dawrati” is a non-profit organization fighting period poverty, normalizing the topic, expanding advocacy and social efforts to make these products available to all women and girls, and offering sustainable and alternative options through awareness workshops.

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How is Dawrati helping?

Lebanon is experiencing its worst economic and social crises in decades, with more than half of the population living in poverty. One of Dawrati’s goals is to assist girls and women in need in living their periods with dignity. They provide three main sorts of kits:

The Menstruation Kit

The menstrual kit is given to adolescents and women who are experiencing period poverty. It includes all of the monthly menstruation items they’ll need, as well as period pads and pantyliners.

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The Maternity Kit

Women who have just given birth can obtain a maternity kit to help them with their post-partum journey. It includes both maternity pads and wipes.

The first-time period Kit

This package is provided to teenagers and pre-teens in order to prepare them for their first menstruation. It includes not just period pads and pantyliners, but also girls-related amenities in a lovely bag, as well as a Q&A pamphlet regarding periods and women’s health

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Empowering Women

Dawrati launched the conversation as a way to destroy the stigma and teach girls and women that menstruation is a normal part of the female life cycle. The aim of this campaign was to demonstrate that every woman experience menstruation differently and that there is no right or wrong way to do it.

How can you help? 

Menstrual products are a right, and feeling clean, confident, and capable throughout one’s period is a must. Let us support Dawrati’s mission by donating through Just Help: The online food drives (

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