Here Are Six Ways You Can Reuse Your Old Wi-fi Router

Here Are Six Ways You Can Reuse Your Old Wi-fi Router

 Don’t we all have an old wi-fi router cluttering up in our drawer, tucked away in the back of our closet, or even hidden away in some cabinet? Well, its time to get these routers out, wipe the dust on them, and try to figure ways to reuse them.

We have gathered for you six ways to repurpose an outdated Wi-Fi router:

  1. Build a Wireless Repeater

What if your Wi-Fi network doesn’t cover the entire area of your house? Adding a second router to the mix is an effective alternative to boost your wi-fi connection.

This entails utilizing the Wi-Fi signal to link the old router to your new wireless network. It may then share Wi-Fi network access, providing larger coverage. Despite certain latency concerns, this is a quick and straightforward method to extend your wireless network.

It has a variety of applications, ranging from enhancing your Wi-Fi signal across your home to allowing you to stream movies on your tablet while relaxing in the yard.

  1. Guest Wi-Fi Connection

If you have visitors who frequently use your wireless internet, why not give them their own network?

This is similar to the wireless repeater project, but with a difference. The router connects to your existing, password-protected network while granting new devices password-free access. This will make advantage of your old router’s guest network capability. This stops guests from accessing other devices on your network by default.

If this degree of protection is insufficient, examine the firewall settings on the primary router and make any necessary adjustments.

  1. Use the Router as a Cheap Network Switch

Changing old router into network switch or Wireless Access point – YouTube

The majority of routers contain no more than six Ethernet ports. With the advancement of wireless technology in the house, this amount might be as low as four. 

However, if there is a definite need for devices to be linked through Ethernet, you may run out of ports.

Because your previous router usually has four or more ports, connecting will immediately boost the number of ports accessible. 

To minimize conflicts, turn off wireless networking on the old router.

  1. Make Money from Your Old Router
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Why not sell your old router instead of wasting time attempting to set it up with current hardware?

Various websites, most notably OLX, will let you to make a few cash from old technology. Simply enter the device’s make and model number. Your usual consumer will be anyone searching for a low-cost router, although networking experts and retro tech collectors may also be interested.

Getting money for obsolete equipment is a terrific method to earn money for new electronics.

  1. Learn More About Home Networking

Let the tech geek out of you as you plug and play with your router and learn more about your home network. 

You would go to the admin panel if you wanted to learn more about your home network. However, if you choose the incorrect answer, everything may go wrong. What is the solution? Learn more about home networking by using an outdated router. Firewalls, DMZs, MAC filters, and other features may all be learnt through hands-on experience that does not disrupt your entire network.

  1. Donate Your Old Router

Why not simply donate your old router to a good cause? With an economic crisis in Lebanon, many people, schools, and centers are now in need of routers as their prices become in dollars, and aren’t affordable anymore.

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