8 Locally Produced Peanut Butter That You Must Try Now

8 Locally Produced Peanut Butter That You Must Try Now

If you are a peanut butter lover, then you will agree with us when we say that there is nothing peanut butter and a giant spoon can’t fix. 

Unfortunately, the prices of our all-time favorite imported peanut butter brands have skyrocketed and have simply become too much to afford. 

But what happens when the amazing people of your country start producing locally made peanut butter that are just on point and seem to fill the cracks in your heart? We most definitely support local!

So, for all those craving a jar of peanut butter out there, here are X locally produced brands that will keep you ordering more and more: 

  1. Nutshell creamy 

Price: 45,000 LBP/250g

In a nutshell, these products are mouthwatering!

  1. MK butter 

Price: 110,000 LBP/1kg

Well, with MK butter you are not only buying 1kg of peanut butter, but you’re also getting 1Kg of absolute happiness!

  1. Oleaf

Price: 65,000 to 78,000 LBP/250g 

Your place to treat your cravings: Healthy, crunchy, and tasty.

  1. Squeak Peanut Butter

Price: 100,000 to 125,000 LBP/1Kg 

Here you will find the kind of peanut butter you never thought existed!

  1. Mrs. Peanut Butter

Price: $5.4 to $7.9/920g

Curated to match your taste! Which flavor do you prefer best: the original one, chocolate, or honey? 

  1. Nabat Organic 

Price: 93,000 LBP/340g

Organic and tasty spread that will keep you coming back for more!

  1. BeitMoune

Price: 72,000 LBP/100g

Supporting local farmers and their production, here you will find a peanut butter jar that suits everyone’s cravings.

  1. Pro-nut

Price: 45,000 LBP/125g

This here goes to all gym lovers with a sweet tooth, scrumptious jars with organic proteins and nut butters to satisfy your cravings while keeping you healthier than ever.

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