Things We Need to Start Normalizing for Men #MensMentalHealthMatters

Things We Need to Start Normalizing for Men #MensMentalHealthMatters

Men’s mental health is one societal problem that is not discussed as often as it should be. This is mostly due to the stigma associated with men expressing their feelings.

Suicide has become one of the leading causes of death among males in Lebanon due to the belief that men are expected to keep their heads down and not communicate or ‘complain’ about situations that worry them. 

But why is it that males have a harder time dealing with their mental health than women?

 People may feel more comfortable talking to someone about the challenges they confront in their daily lives if mental health is discussed more freely and frequently.

So, as it we celebrate international men’s day today and men’s metal health awareness month, here is a list of things we ought to start normalizing: 

  1. Showing Emotions 
  1. Speaking up and sharing their feelings
  1. Asking for help 
  1. Not being emotionally okay 
  1. Going to therapy 
  1. Being Sensitive 

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