Nike Just Did It: Virtual Sneakers in the Metaverse

Nike Just Did It: Virtual Sneakers in the Metaverse

Nike, the sportswear behemoth, has recently taken its first steps into the metaverse. The Oregon-based firm filed several new trademarks indicating its intention to create and sell virtual Nike-branded footwear and merchandise.

The multinational corporation has been secretly preparing to join the Metaverse, and as of October 27, Nike submitted trademark applications for “Nike” the brand’s renowned tagline “Just Do It,” and the swoosh design, per the US Patent and Trademark Office. Two further applications for the “Air Jordan” and “Jumpman” logos were filed the next day.

Nike claims it will leverage the patents as “available for download virtual products, retail shop services showcasing virtual goods, and entertainment services,” the latter of which includes online non-downloadable virtual footwear, clothes, hats, bags, equipment, and similar products.

 Nike has been secretly preparing for its grand entrance to the metaverse and has not elaborated on what it intends to do with its branded virtual products, but it is plausible that the corporation is ready to issue shoe NFTs for usage in the metaverse.

Interestingly enough, Nike released two new job applications earlier this month, “virtual footwear” and “virtual material designer”, which can give us a sneak peak on what the apparel giant is working on. 

The company is searching for someone to “develop and depict unique virtual material concepts utilizing 3D technologies,” according to the job descriptions. The positions will be assigned to Nike’s Digital Product Creation department, which is devoted to the company’s “digital and virtual revolution.”

The job description also added, “you will play a vital part in reimagining our digital environment, bringing us into the metaverse, and developing our team’s capabilities.”

While the details and specifics remain blurry, it is clear that Nike is going big and entering the Metaverse in style. But this is not a first precedent for the company in the digital world, the Jordan brand of Nike has collaborated with Fortnite in May 2019, where avatars wore Nike-branded footwear.

 It has also collaborated with the online game platform Roblox on multiple occasions. and is currently waiting on a patent filed in April 2019 for “Cryptokicks,” which Nike plans to use as NFTs.

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