Why choose tolerance?

Why choose tolerance?

Discrimination is nothing new. Man has always preferred one community over the other, one lifestyle over another, and man has demonstrated this preference in a myriad of cruel and inhumane behavior towards those deemed inferior for one reason or another. That is to say, discrimination is nothing new.

Fast forward to today: the world we live in is much broader than the ones our forefathers lived in. Globalization and the advent of the internet have made it easier for different communities to connect, meet and interact, and the world now enjoys greater levels of communication and cultural exchange. However, that also means that clashes that have never had the chance to happen are now happening, and the result of those clashes is a culture of discrimination, systemic disadvantages and overall intolerance, all of which breed hatred, distrust and disunity. Intolerance leads to infighting, violence and instability, as each opposing group must resort to force and aggression against each other or the state in order to survive. 

However, as in all of history, there are always those who are aware of this and encourage tolerance instead. 

The meaning of tolerance, simply put, is acceptance and understanding. Being able to accept one another’s differences, celebrating them and integrating them into your understanding of the world does nothing but good things. Tolerance allows people of different backgrounds, religions and races to work and live together, and this brings about unity and harmony.

Tolerance can have many positive effect on one’s wellbeing, starting with less stress and greater happiness for everyone in the community. When everyone is treated equally and given equal opportunity, everyone is able to live well, which means nobody feels the need to defend themselves or attack others. On an economic level, tolerance leads to a bigger middle class and reduction in poverty (all good things!). Tolerance brings peace and harmony to communities and societies, and is necessary for the long-term success of any group of people.

Unfairness and prejudice have been here since before the dawn of civilization and has led to wars, injustice and cruelty. Nothing good has ever come out of intolerance, yet even in these enlightened times it is still present. It’s our collective duty to practice tolerance actively and share these practices with those around us.

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